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Metta Sutta [Kindness]

Metta Sutta

This was said by the Blessed One,
said by the Arahant, so I have heard:

"Monks, don't be afraid of acts of merit.
This is another way of saying what is blissful,
desirable, pleasing, endearing, charming —
i.e., acts of merit. I am cognizant that,
having long performed meritorious deeds,

I long experienced desirable, pleasing,
endearing, charming results.
Having developed a mind of good will for seven years,
then for seven aeons of contraction & expansion
I didn't return to this world.

Whenever the aeon was contracting,
I went to the realm of Streaming Radiance.

Whenever the aeon was expanding,
I reappeared in an empty Brahma-abode.

There I was the Great Brahman,
the Unconquered Conqueror,
All-seeing, & Wielder of Power.
Then for thirty-six times I was Sakka,
ruler of the gods.

For many hundreds of times I was a king,
a wheel-turning emperor,
a righteous king of Dhamma,
conqueror of the four corners of the earth,
maintaining stable control over the countryside,
endowed with the seven treasures[1] —
to say nothing of the times I was a local king.

The thought occurred to me:
'Of what action of mine is this the fruit,
of what action the result,
that I now have such great power & might?'

Then the thought occurred to me:
'This is the fruit of my three [types of] action,
the result of three types of action,
that I now have such great power & might:
i.e., giving, self-control, & restraint.'"

Train in acts of merit that bring long-lasting bliss —
develop giving, a life in tune, a mind of good-will.
Developing these three things that bring about bliss,
the wise reappear in a world of bliss unalloyed.

Souce 【經源】:
तिपिटक - सुत्तपिटक - खुद्दकनिकाय - इतिवुत्तक - एककनिपातो - २. मेत्तसुत्तं [२२]
Tipiṭaka - Suttapiṭaka - Khuddakanikāya - Itivuttaka – Ekakanipāto - 2. Mettasuttaṃ [22]
三藏經 – 藏經 – 小部經 – 經如是語經 – 第一集 – 第二品,善事經 【第二十二經】
大藏经 – 经集 – 小部经 – 如是语经 – 第一集 – 第二品,善事经【第二十二经】

1. The seven treasures are a divine wheel, an ideal jewel, an ideal elephant, an ideal horse, an ideal wife, an ideal treasurer, an ideal counselor.

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